Designing sustainable transformation needs emotional understanding.


Designing sustainable transformation needs emotional understanding.

Change is emotional.

Every change triggers feelings – Change is ineffective without emotions. Every change journey requires us to also explore, understand and integrate our emotional responses trustfully. This is the only way we can lead transformation processes successfully and shape them sustainably.

Change needs stability.

A paradigm shift is happening in the world of business. Purpose comes before benefit. Growth is still wanted but now has to be sustainable, too. And, most fundamentally, everything becomes digital and interconnected. You, your team and your company face diverse and ever-changing demands and challenges. This volatility can drive you into a tailspin. Yet for successful change, you need stability and a secure foundation of values.

Engaging people through change.

Lean, solution-oriented and curious.

… is the way I guide you and your company through your change topics. You decide what you need: A sparring on your actual processes? A workshop on strategic alignment and development that will get everyone on board? Or do you want to go directly into the ideation process, followed by execution of the defined steps?

Training and workshops.

Change processes occur at the personal, team and company level. It's like throwing a pebble into the water: One small disruption at one point of the surface creates many more circles and initiates something greater. The change process has begun. This is why workshops and trainings courses are particularly suitable for teams and groups. Together, you work on framing or reframing your change goal as something to thinking positively about. The goal becomes a vision for the future that you work into your company’s DNA and that serves as a basis for concrete steps.

Change processes are like experiments.

Hence, we will also experiment together and proceed in loops. We iterate along your processes and goals. You set the pace. We will combine a proven set of tools: service design doing, role and organization mapping, value proposition design, employee and customer journeys.

Together, we’ll create something new that has a lasting effect.

  • Als sehr rational handelnde Führungskraft viel es mir oft schwer, das Team richtig anzusprechen und seine Empfindungen wahrzunehmen. Die Rollenaufstellung im Training hat mir in meinen Teamprozessen enorm geholfen
    Thomas, Vice President
  • Durch Ingas humorvolle und mitfühlende Vorgehensweise konnte ich mich auf das Coaching einlassen. Ihre Leichtigkeit hat mir geholfen, mich zu entspannen und mit meinem Leistungsdruck umzugehen.
    Bärbel, Sales Ambassador Deutschland
  • Das Coaching hat mir dabei geholfen, mich als junge Führungskraft zu reflektieren und die Werte zu identifizieren, die mir auf dem Weg wichtig sind.


I believe very strongly in every human being’s almost infinite and unexploited potential to bring work, love and life into harmony and to constantly develop. However, we often come upon closed doors or keep going around in circles with our problem. Coaching brings clarity in these situations.

Self-awareness and -leadership.

You are the expert on yourself and your concerns. We work together to define the change goal for your coaching journey. I guide you through the entire process mindfully and methodically.

Rationally, we usually understand our concerns very well and are able to analyze them. But there are inner, often unconscious control mechanisms that seem to be hidden in some kind of fog. To understand them, we need a bridge between our rational minds and our emotional feelings. My goal is to lead you inward by making you aware of your physical sensations, so that you can get to the bottom of your inner control officer. Ideally you would in the end positively embrace your change journey and bravely walk through one or several of the doors that you opened during the process.


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That's me.

I think of myself as a builder of bridges, someone who helps you to open up spaces for one another and live something new together.

I have 20 years of professional experience in international organizations. My main area was the energy sector, where I built future-oriented structures and worked on digital and sustainable solutions. In my role as a manager, I have experienced time and again that every innovation, every change fails if it isn’t understood and supported by the people in the organization.

With that background I nowadays combine business know-how in organizational development, marketing and communication with emotionally intelligent coaching methods, mindfulness and design thinking.

Two stations in my career have shaped me most of all. In Togo in West Africa, I worked as a consultant for the German Development Service. West African culture requires a highly intuitive approach; there are many invisible rules and power structures that result in non-verbal conversations and decision-making. I experienced meetings where I completely lost track both semantically and rationally. But when I listened to my intuition and emotions, tuning in to the body language and gestures of my conversation partners, I was able to understand most of it again.

As managing director of a startup accelerator and incubator for energy innovation I was responsible for the early-stage investment portfolio, including scouting, evaluating, and steering investment opportunities in Europe and Israel. The aim clearly was to bring innovation into the corporate and set up pilot projects to strengthen competitiveness and/or increase sales opportunities. In that position I often felt like a mediator between corporate interests and the interests and needs of the startups.

While the chasm between different worlds may often seem too deep to overcome, I have seen the most daring but at the same time stable bridges being built. This understanding is key to my projects, coaching and training.

My background.

  • Various management positions in the energy sector, including managing director of a startup accelerator and incubator incl. seed investment activities, head of marketing communications (B2B2C, B2C) and head of brand and sales marketing (B2B)
  • International, intercultural experience through positions in Togo (West Africa) and France
  • Training as business coach (DBVC and IOBC certified), “Psychology of Change – emotional intelligence in coaching”, Inge and Thomas Dietz, Dietz Coaching
  • Service Design Doing & Methods, Hormeß / Lawrence
  • Master of Business Administration, study focus on human resource management | organization, internal | external communication in Mainz and Maastricht
  • Training as wholesales and export trader


Please contact me for any questions about my coaching approach. Do you feel an insecurity whether I’m the right business coach for you and would simply like to make an initial appointment to getting to know each other?

Maybe you already have content-related ideas for workshops or training courses and would like to briefly brainstorm them?

Contact me. I’m curious to hear from you.

Do you have any questions?