Writing tomorrow's
success stories.


Startups and founders.

I help founders and entrepreneurs build the success businesses of tomorrow. I love innovative technologies and scalable marketing communications and bring in the experience and industry expertise to understand your situation and goals.

The following questions and challenges come up again and again during coaching sessions and conversations with founders (excerpt):

  • How to deal with different expectations of different stakeholders?
  • Not enough time, right people in the wrong place, not enough money, the wrong investors?
  • How do I delegate correctly? It feels as if my team doesn't a 100% understand what I mean or want? Or do I get them wrong?
  • What do I do when faced with a difficult decision?

I help you to ...

  • bring your team and stakeholders along on your journey, clearly communicate your vision and goals, delegate tasks, implement organizational structures and scale your startup.
  • conduct difficult discussions with different interest groups.
  • understand and live your different roles mindfully and with self-care.



Do you have any questions about my coaching approach or how we would work together? You already have content-related ideas for workshops or training courses and would you like to briefly brainstorm them? You feel an insecurity whether I’m the right business coach for you and would simply like to make an initial appointment to get to know each other?

Contact me. I’m curious to hear from you.