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18. September 2022

Change processes need Mindfulness – a Paradox?

We are all experiencing smaller or larger disruptions that demand more and more adaptability and agility from us as individuals, teams, and companies.

Digital technologies such as AI and meta-worlds are not only disrupting traditional business models. They are also the foundation for new strategies, concepts and ecosystems.

Change is picking up its pace. Innovation loops are coming ever faster, sometimes even simultaneously. Often, we just stumble along after the fact. Our extreme interconnectedness exacerbates the situation: any change at any point in the network has effects in all directions – a true change booster.  

How do you respond to change?

  • Actionism
  • Analysis mode
  • Anxiousness
  • Ignorance

…. just to mention a few ways of dealing with it.

All that does something to us. Some people feel unsettled by the constant change, others find it exciting and look forward to it, and still others just tune out and carry on as usual. Change processes trigger emotional reactions. We have to learn to deal with these emotions. We need the ability to adjust to new things. We need courage and confidence to reinvent ourselves and our company and become part of the change.

Or we respond with blind activity, which often paralyzes entire teams and departments, weakening people’s commitment. If, on top of that, your team doesn’t understand the goal of the change, they will question the meaning of what they do or simply quit. 

What do you need for successful change?
? Courage
? Stability
? Values
? Mindfulness

Ubiquitous change can easily send us as individuals and your company into a tailspin. Sometimes we forget who we really are. We lose sight of the values, visions and beliefs that we as a company want to stand for and that make us unique for our employees and customers. But these elements are important because they form our core, our DNA, which gives us stability and keeps us on track.

My conclusion is to keep in touch with this inner guide, we really need mindfulness and deceleration in the face of change.